A Loving Knowledge Above, Not Below, the Reason

le-cardinal-suisse-georges-cottier-au-vatican-le-20-juillet-2005_5574555The union of love [which is Christian mysticism], which attains the [divine] beloved as he is in himself, is the source of a connaturality, of an affinity, that makes the soul feel as if by instinct what belongs to the beloved. Thus the gifts of the Holy Spirit operating in the soul start with the connaturality of love. As regards the object known, this knowledge is none other than knowledge from faith; what it introduces is a new mode of knowing, which goes beyond the ordinary, human mode. This knowledge is without concepts because it is supra-conceptual; that is why we designate it as a fulfilling silence, a blessed night.
Georges Cardinal Cottier (19222016)

Wholly Yours

Blessed Elizabeth of the TrinityEven in the midst of life in the world [i.e., not in the cloister], Jesus in whom my hope is founded, I belong only to You, and it has been so since You said, “Come to Me.” Each day You detach my heart from the things of the earth in order to attach it instead to You, Divine Saviour. Oh yes, I am wholly Yours.
Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880–1906)

Not Intellectually; But Simply, Gently

Be careful not to intellectualize during prayer, for this can be harmful (it can be so in general but especially during prayer). Approach the Beloved Object of your prayer with your affections quite simply and as gently as you can. Naturally, every so often, your intellect may assert itself and try to apply itself; don’t waste time with this, nor waste time trying to guard against it; both courses are distractions. When you notice the distraction, be content simply to return to your acts of will [in prayer].
Saint Francis de Sales