Christ in Heaven Made Present Under the Symbol of His Passion

At Holy Redeemer Church in Bangkok, Thailand

The best way for the Church to know so intensely that the mystery of the bloody Cross exists in order to open up to the mystery of glory is by contemplating the glorious Christ under the symbol of His Passion, as He dwells in our tabernacles.
Charles Cardinal Journet (18911975)

Little Cactus


Little cactus sitting still
Waiting for a watering
Never have you known He will
Rain on you again

But it really is not rain
For the Master chooses it
Chooses when to turn the main
Drench you to the brim

So this dryness is from Him
You accept it and you wait
But it hurts for light is dim
No water at night

Long since flowers grew on you
Long since you could give them Him
Nothing blooms and nothing’s new
But the choice is His