Prayer Request: Thailand

thaiflagThis blog is not at all the place to discuss the politics of the situation here in Thailand. But they do affect this blog.

Suffice it to say, as of right now, the military has staged a coup d’etat, is controlling radio and TV, and has imposed a curfew. It is not certain the internet will remain as it is, though in a previous coup, the internet was left largely alone.

The situation is, of course, unknown. The situation has been getting worse for a while. Now there are different factors. What is most important is peace, which only comes with love and justice. All three are Christ himself; he is our Peace, Justice, and Love. This means prayer is important.

Many readers may be aware I live in Thailand. Many readers may not be aware. If you have the time, please pray for Thailand. Thank you very much.


10 thoughts on “Prayer Request: Thailand

  1. Certainly have all of you there surrounded in prayer! I pray God continues to keep to safe!

  2. May the people of Thailand find a lasting solution to their situation so that this 19th coup will be the last. Peace, in Jesus name, our Prince of Peace.

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