God Chooses Weakness

In today’s readings at Mass in the Latin Rite, we have 1 Corinthians 1:26 and surrounding verses. What does Saint Paul teach us? God chooses weakness. Absolutely. Contemplatives know it, if for no other reason than that they know what it is to receive prayer form God. And that is no strength. It’s a lack. It’s a weakness. It’s a passivity on our part, in our own beginnings of actions, so that we become more active and alive in God’s activity within us. God chooses weakness. Absolutely.

One of my favourite commentaries on this passage is in connection with Marcel Văn and his life and message. In an article, Dominique Joly CSsR writes,

Quel est ton secret, petit Van?At the heart of his fragility, Văn reveals the evangelical force of the beatitudes. He announces the all-powerfulness of love deployed in weakness. In the face of power, Văn announces the “strength” of the little ones. In the face of violence, Văn announces redemptive suffering. In the face of all idols, Văn announces the offering of empty hands. “What is weak in the world, what is without birth… God chose to confound the strong” (in 1 Cor 1).

That’s the Gospel.


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