Alien Monkey

A somewhat silly poem about the major themes of the spiritual journey.

On another planet,
On another world,
Lived a spotted monkey,
Ears and tail curled.

This dear monkey lived on
Plains beside the sea:
Great green waves there roared and
Crashed upon the beach.

One day little monkey
Heard a Voice at sea:
“Up!” it whispered sweetly.
“Come and follow me.”

But he saw no island;
He saw only waves,
Crashing, tumbling, smashing;
Sat he for a day.

Sat he for a week and
Sat he for a month.
Lonely was his heart now
Would he choose to come?

Yes, he wanted deeply:
See the Voice I must!
But there seemed no way to
Find the Voice across

All the waves so loudly
Hitting ‘pon the shore.
So the monkey carried
On just as before.

Days and weeks and months passed.
Monkey ne’er forgot.
That sweet Voice that called him,
Urged him to get up.

One day passed an eagle
Soaring on the wind,
Monkey asked the eagle,
“Where did you begin?”

“I began so far back.
I forget the place.
But I want to soar on,
Find that Voice of grace.”

“You heard of the Voice, too?”
“Yes, I did, for sure.”
Sad, the little monkey
Knew that he was poor

If he had no Voice that
Sang so sweetly in
His heart to urge him
On into the din.

As the eagle passed by,
Monkey made his mind.
He would venture onwards,
His sweet Voice he’d find.

He prepared his tools and
Built a boat from scratch.
Calculated fully,
Boat the sea would match.

Out he set one morning,
Off into the sea.
Sun upon his left side,
Shining on his knee.

Monkey’s plans did work well
For a little while.
Happy in his own plans,
And in all the miles

That he’d travelled safely,
Though by his own means.
Then came on the storms which
Battered his ship’s beams.

Down came monkey’s mast and
Plunged into the deep.
Monkey watched it pulled by
waves – away – he weeped.

All the waves were churning,
Monkey feared for life.
But it not relented
For ten days and nights.

Then came one great wave which
Threw him from his boat
Monkey then knew surely
Primates do not float.

Sinking, he knew only
How the deep it felt
In the dark where only
Silent creatures dwelt.

But a strange thing happened.
Monkey didn’t drown.
What monkey discovered
Brought joy to his frown.

Spotted monkey species
Could this water breathe.
And the Water whispered,
“This is what you need.

“Spotted monkeys never
Need to stay on land.
Water more their home is
Than a beach of sand.

“Come and dance inside Me.
I’m the Voice you love.
Deep into Me fall now,
Move down from above.

“I’m your home to swim in.
You had just forgot!
Your own plans were useless.
So here I you brought.

“Now you know your true self:
You must learn to be
Sea within the monkey,
Monkey in the sea.”


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