As Jesus at Nazareth

René Voillaume It was God’s plan that Jesus should live on this obscure level in Israel, and at Nazareth, a town which had not a good reputation. And this shows beyond question that all perfection which comes from God, all the perfection of a child of God, can be attained in the ordinary life lived by any human being… This is the unfathomable mystery of Nazareth. From this we should learn respect for the poor: respect for those who have no influence, no name in the world. Christian perfection in all its fullness is within reach of these, for they can be perfect as Jesus was perfect at Nazareth.
René Voillaume LBJ (1905–2003)


2 thoughts on “As Jesus at Nazareth

  1. Doesn’t this so go against the popular teaching of today, that God came to give us wealth, health, and status? I am so blessed to read a teaching faithful to the word of God.

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