Loving Others with that One, Simple, Condensed Love of God’s

God loves us in a condensed way. The love of God is one and infinite; so all the relationships of love find their source in it. God loves us simply, and so he loves us in all the ways possible. This is true and real. Although the distance in infinite, like all the perfections of God, we’ve got all the various aspects in one: all the ways of loving. This explains Saint Jane Frances de Chantal’s assertion that God being “our all in all” entails “brother, son, husband, mother”, or Marcel Văn’s finding in God’s love all the relationships of father, mother, brother, spouse, teacher, friend…

Meanwhile, we love with God’s love. That’s the meaning of grace. We “participate” (2 Pt 1:4) in God’s own life: eternal life and eternal love. The various simplified and condensed loves that are in the love of God for us, since it is by this same love that we love our neighbour, exist also, to greater and lesser degrees, in a supernaturalized way in our love for other human beings. With what love are we loving when love is genuine? With God’s. Therefore all these loves are present in a supernatural way: father of souls, mother of souls, teacher, lover and beloved, friend… This is spiritual logic.

The simple presence of this love in the least of friendships is a transfiguration. The transfiguration can deepen; but the mere presence of this supernaturalized, “condensed” love relationship changes everything. It is an infinite distance, for it is a feeble participation in an infinite love.

Of course, in the natural aspect, the love of lover and beloved is not present in all our loves: lest we become adulterers and transgress the sixth commandment. In the natural aspect, the love of father and mother of souls is not present in all our loves: lest we transgress the first and fourth commandments. And so on.

But in the supernatural aspect, it is actually all there – father, mother, brother, spouse, teacher, friend – with greater of lesser accent. We should not be surprised to find it there. We shouldn’t panic, nor place limits on the supernatural order which belong to the natural. This is the Infinite Love of and who is God.


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