When John Cites Thomas

Do the Doctors of the Church disagree about contemplation? If they do, not much. That’s one of the main points that this blog has made by its existence. I quote Doctors of the Church; do they substantially disagree? No, not substantially. That’s one point to this blog. There have been and there will be other points, of course. But one of the main ones is: the doctors agree (and quite possibly they say what you weren’t taught).

Sometimes they even know they agree! Aside from knowing that he agrees with his friend Saint Teresa, Saint John of the Cross knew he agreed with Saint Thomas regarding the nature of contemplation (Dark Night, Bk II, ch 17 and 5):

This obscure contemplation… is mystical theology which the doctors call secret wisdom, communicated according to the doctrine of Saint Thomas, by the infusion of love into the soul. This communication is made secretly…. our faculties are incapable of acquiring it; it is the Holy Spirit who pours it into the soul.

One place where John may have taken this idea from Thomas, without a direct quote but with the same meaning is Sum, theol., IIa-IIae, q. 180, a. 1.


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