Honey and Wax

Bee in Bangkok

Like a honey bee, while you are carefully making the honey of devotion, at the same time make the wax of your household affairs; for if honey is sweet to the taste of our Lord so are butter and honey while on earth, and wax also honours Him since it is used to make the candles which give light to those around us.
Saint Francis de Sales


One thought on “Honey and Wax

  1. Reblogged this on multicolouredsmartypants and commented:

    I used to hate housework. I used to hate being a housewife. I had chosen neither motherhood nor housewifery (hadn’t chosen years of abuse, either). My culture views women who don’t work outside the home as somehow ‘less than’.
    God showed me that what glorifies Him is not the same as what the world sees. Honey is sweet. Wax is useful. What can be better than being useful in the place where God has put you? :-)

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