After Every Suffering

VanI notice this: After every suffering, I feel that my heart is united more closely to Jesus. From this it comes that I have a bit of taste for suffering, since I find that suffering is the food that feeds the most very intimate love of my very little soul.
Little Brother Marcel Văn CSsR (1928–1959)


2 thoughts on “After Every Suffering

  1. Do you know anything about the process of his beatification? How is it going so far? I wished people would know more about him.

    • According to information in French at the diocesan tribunal in Belley-Ars (where the process/cause was opened) is still in the process of gathering a complete file (documents, acts, writings of Van, witnesses, etc.). After that is completed, the bishop will approve sending documents, with a further statement, to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. But I don’t know any indications as to when that may be.

      I also wish people knew more about him. But that is probably obvious from the blog. =)

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