A Well Ordered Exterior

A well ordered exterior results from an awareness of God’s presence.
Saint Jane Frances de Chantal


4 thoughts on “A Well Ordered Exterior

  1. I just looked up Saint Jane Frances de Chantal (thank you, wikipedia) and was intrigued to learn that she began a religious order only after the death of her husband. I’ve had in my mind that these holy types are always completely celibate, i.e. entered the religious life as children or teenagers. It also brought a smile to my face to learn that her religious order accepted those who were rejected elsewhere and her response to being criticised for helping the sick :-) I like her already. I’ll have to get ahold of her letters now. Thanks for this!

    • She’s really one of my favourite saints — or historical people in general — in part because she knows human weaknesses and sufferings and strongly approves of them as ways to God. I think that appeals to lots of people who read this blog.

      If you’re looking for books of her letters, I think the most accessible and immediately useful collection is Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal, ‘Letters of Spiritual Direction’ (Paulist Press’ Classics of Western Spirituality series, blue cover). I’d recommend this more than a reprint of ‘Selected Letters of Jane Frances de Chantal’.

      But I also like the book ‘A Simple Life: Wisdom from Jane Frances de Chantal’ (Pauline Books and Media), published a few years ago. =)

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