Seeking the Divine Fire

Blessed Elizabeth of the TrinityAs long as my will desires that which is alien to the divine will, has preferences for one thing or another, I remain like a child; I do not walk in love with giant strides. The fire has not yet burnt away all the dross, and the gold is not yet pure. I am still seeking myself. O Lord, You have not yet done away with all my resistance to You. But when the crucible has consumed all tainted love, all tainted pain, all tainted fear, then the love is perfect, and the golden ring of our union is wider than heaven and earth. But in order to attain this, I must die daily to myself. O Jesus, I wish to die, to decrease, to deny myself daily more and more, in order that You may grow and be exalted in me.
Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880–1906)


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