Infinite Proportions

What does God want to give us? Everything. Nothing held back. Absolutely everything.

Why can we say that? Because God wants to give his own self to us, and he is infinity itself – a positive infinity of all goodness, truth, love, communion, beauty, life, beatitude, eternity…!

The saints tells us this often. They, taken by God’s love and captivated as it were, seek this infinite, and they sometimes (though this is not normative) feel it growing within them. One letter of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity tells this very well and very succinctly:

Blessed Elizabeth of the TrinityI must tell you how my happiness increases daily; it is taking on infinite proportions, like God Himself, yet it is so calm, so sweet.

Her happiness, through all of life’s troubles and trials and sufferings, “is taking on infinite proportions.” Her happiness and life is expanding to God’s own. Her capacity, though, is imperfect, as she knows. Yet her experience is not a tearing apart of herself; it is, ultimately, “calm” and “sweet.” She is not distressed by finding her interior happiness being stretched to infinity. She is, rather, gentle and patient. And so God works, more and more, to expand her life, her light, and her love to infinite proportions.


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