Solidarity and Persecution

Jacques MaritainBlessed is he who suffers persecution for the sake of the justice of God’s kingdom and for the sake of justice on earth. He suffers abuse for Christ’s sake while he is abused for the sake of his brethren.
Jacques Maritain (1882–1973)


2 thoughts on “Solidarity and Persecution

  1. I shared one of your quotes with my church today. It’s the one from Little Sister Magdeleine – ‘Immerse yourself deeply among people…’ – and is such a favourite of mine that I printed it out and framed it (hence why I was able to quote it!). I was glad to be able to share something from a source that these staunch nonconformists might probably not come across otherwise. There is a deep suspicion of Catholicism among (some) nonconformists, although it’s changing, especially through the influence of people such as Ann Voskamp, Richard Foster and not least Pope Francis!

    • I love the spirituality of the Charles de Foucauld family (like Little Sister Magdeleine). I understand that lots of non-Catholic Christians like it, too. This just makes me like it more. =D

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