Inspiration from Without

Brother Charles99 years ago (1 December 1916), Blessed Charles de Foucauld was killed by a bullet during a raid on his home in the desert. His spiritual itinerary led him to identify with the Tuareg people of North Africa (Algeria) and to live among them.

But at one point in time, Charles was not even a believer in God.  And all that started to change because he came into contact with the Muslim people of North Africa. He wrote of his experiences in Morocco:

… the sight of this faith and these souls living in the continual presence of God helped me to recognize something greater and truer than worldly preoccupations.

This experience of God’s “continual presence” in the midst of non-Christians inspired Brother Charles to look deeper and, eventually, give everything up for Jesus and become, in an unusual way, a martyr for the faith.

Just how much of Jesus are we seeing in our neighbours and how much are we learning from them?


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