Always the Humanity of Jesus

raissa3Certain spiritual writers think that the highest contemplation, being free of all the images of this world, is that which does without images altogether, even that of Jesus, and into which, consequently, the Humanity of Christ does not enter.

That is a profound error, and the problem disappears as soon as one has grasped how truly and how deeply the Word has assumed human nature, in such a way that everything which is of this nature – suffering pity, compassion, hope… – all these things have become, so to speak, attributes of God. In contemplating them, it is therefore attributes of God which are contemplated… They are objects of a contemplation that is just as spiritual, although it includes images.

So, the soul must not be afraid of passing through the human states and the human pity of Jesus, and of making requests of Him and of praying for the cure of a sick person, for example – all these things being participations in the desires and the compassion of Christ, which belonged to the divine Person itself.
Raïssa Maritain (1883–1960)


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