We Don’t Think Often Enough of This

Father VoillaumeTo know we are loved, even when we have sinned, or when we are lukewarm, when we suffer, when we’re in darkness, when we are scandalized by the manner in which God chooses to work through his providence: that is not easy, it is the hardest thing there is. We don’t think often enough of this [difficulty], absorbed as we are in the contemplation of our own little attempts at love. Beyond that, there is all this problem of evil. And it is in the face of such evils and such appearances that we are loved.
René Voillaume (1905–2003)


One thought on “We Don’t Think Often Enough of This

  1. It’s the scandal of the cross, I suppose. It’s too easy – we don’t deserve this. Maybe it’s in the discovery, and in the continual rediscovery, of this astonishing love, in the face of our lack of anything remotely worthy, that brings that peace ‘beyond our understanding’ – the peace that, even in the face of death, lets you fall asleep, like Peter in Acts 12 (Peter is my favourite!).

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