The Little One Can

He who does the little he can, does much before God. It is not difficult to persevere in prayer when we find consolation in it, but there is great merit in doing so when sensible devotion is reduced to a minimum. Yet it is precisely then that prayer becomes more meritorious and humility is increased, as well as patience and perseverance.
Saint Peter of Alcantara


One thought on “The Little One Can

  1. St. Peter of Alcantara practiced extreme mortification and was a contemporary of St. Teresa of Avila. I read he only slept an hour a night in the sitting position. Whenever I come across him I’m reminded of what St. Teresa said about him and his austerities. In her typical style she said “His body must be made entirely of tree roots”. BTW I love today’s quote. Ben, I appreciate your austerity for this month in not making comments but I am looking forward to August!

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