Dead – What Does This Word Mean?

After not hearing from Pier Giorgio Frassati for some time, a friend jokingly sent him a letter asking, “Are you dead?” The blessed replied in his own letter with a kind of seriousness that I feel a lot of sympathy for. Sometimes, as I’m torn and pushed this way and that, navigating through this world, I feel the same.Pier Giorgio said this:

pier-giorgio-portraitDead what does this word mean? If you are giving dead its usual meaning, then I am still alive (unless my senses deceive me). But if we’re talking about the word in its true essence, then sadly not only am I dead, but already resuscitated a number of times only  alas! to die again.

He continues:

I would like to set off along the straight and narrow path, but at every step I stumble and fall; for this reason I beg you to pray for me as much as you can so that one day, whenever Divine providence wills, I will reach the end of that wearisome but straight path.

Indeed he did, just a few months later. But how intense the suffering and the trials of the viator can be…


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