What Pleases the Good God?

VanNothing pleases the good God more than to see, on this earth, a heart that loves him, which is sincere with him, at every step along the path, with every smile, and also amid tears and the smallest of instantaneous pleasures.
Little Brother Marcel Văn CSsR (1928–1959)


1 thought on “What Pleases the Good God?

  1. I am thrilled to find here so many posts and pictures featuring our wonderful brother Marcel Van! I came across your site today while looking for photos of Marcel – and here is your most recent post putting him front and center (as I have just discovered that you frequently do!). I have just started a blog, “Miss Marcel’s Musings,” which also features Marcel. Today I’ve written about his delightful conversation with Jesus on this feast of the Holy Innocents in 1945. If you or your readers are interested, you can find more Marcel here: http://www.suzieandres.com/blog
    Thank you for your many quotes from him, and for being such a faithful brother to him and little Therese. May Jesus give you many kisses and our true Father bless you abundantly in your contemplative journey!

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