About Ben (เบ็น)

I’m a twenty-something university lecturer. I teach engineering and live in Thailand, but I’m Canadian, white, and Anglo. As a graduate student in England and France, I converted to the Catholic Church. There was just something in the lives of some friends that I wanted, too. In the few weeks following my initial conversion experience, the words that I found to express this something came from Charles de Foucauld: “See Jesus in all people.” The deepest desire in my heart is to love people, to think on Jesus, to live a contemplative life, but not to withdraw one inch from the world.

If It Weren’t for the Certainty

Pier-GiorgioIt is wonderful to be alive inasmuch as our true life is the life beyond; otherwise who could bear the burden of this life, if there were not a prize for suffering, an eternal joy; how could one explain the admirable resignation of so many por creatures who struggle with life and often die in the breach if it weren’t for the certainty of God’s Justice.
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati (19011925)

To Do Them All for Love

ThérèseO my Beloved, how shall I show my love, since love proves itself by deeds? I have no other means of proving my love than to strew flowers, and these flowers will be each word and look, each little daily sacrifice. I wish to make profit out of the smallest actions and to do them all for Love. For Love’s sake I wish to suffer and to rejoice: so shall I strew my flowers… Should my roses be gathered from amid thorns, I will nevertheless sing; and the longer and sharper the thorns, the sweeter will grow my song.
Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face