Big Questions

Most of my posts are short(ish).

Some of my posts, however, are long(er) and try to address some basic problems and questions about being a “contemplative in the mud”.

For example, what is the relationship between contemplation in the cloister and contemplation on the muddy roads of the world? Is the latter even possible? If it’s possible, how is it different? And if contemplation doesn’t require withdrawing from the world, is a contemplative way of life possible without withdrawing from the world? How does action relate to contemplation? What happens if I’m not feeling very contemplative? Is the Church’s “Mystical Doctor” Saint John of the Cross relevant to contemplatives in the world? What am I to think of my neighbours and how do they fit into contemplation and Christian life?

Questions like these are big.

It would be a bad idea to let my explorations of these questions get buried as the number of posts mount.

The following is a partial list of ”Big Question” posts.

Is a Contemplative Vocation Really Possible in the World?

Detachment, Dryness, and “Darkness” Experienced in the World

Others Aspects of Contemplation Experienced in the World

What is the Difference Between Meditation and Contemplation?

Action and Contemplation

Christian Contemplation in Itself

Transfiguration in Christ

Spirituality of Marcel Văn

Spirituality of Titus Brandsma

Spirituality of Charles de Foucauld

Theological Questions from a Contemplative Perspective

Good and Evil


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