The Lake’s Action and Contemplation

Sometimes ripples mark the waters
Sometimes still, the sun reflects;
Wind that pushes, light of sunshine:
Both are truly God’s effects.


Green Arms Reaching


Green arms reaching, bend the corner
Past the table leg and shade
Stems and leaves are both ensnaring
Sunlight’s beams for which they’re made

Grab the sunlight, grab the power
Capture, use, enjoy, retain
Gentle light it knows is lacking
All the more it must obtain

Then the Master throws the curtain
Opens wide the window blinds
Strength unknown burns through the outside
Dryness seizes Plant and finds

Plant confused and Plant endangered
(So it seems to Plant at least)
All its sap is slowing, drying
Feels as if its good has ceased

Sun burns brighter and our Plant does
Come alight from too much heat
But the Plant at last knows truly
Fire is for it just and meet