A Video About Elizabeth of the Trinity

If you want to get to know the life of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity (Elisabeth Catez), one of the most frequently quoted saints and holy people on this blog, this is not a bad video for you. ^_^


Pope Francis’ Catechesis on Holiness for Laypeople

Holiness is for everyone: “You can open yourself up to this grace which works within us and brings us to holiness… A woman goes shopping at the supermarket and finds her neighbour. First, they begin to talk, and then they start to gossip. And then this woman says: ‘No, no. I will not speak ill of someone.’ This is a step towards holiness, and it helps you become more holy. Then, at home, your son wants to speak to you about things he’s been imagining. [You think,] ‘Oh, I am so tired. I worked so much today.’ But [you] sit down and listen to your son; he needs it. And [you] listen to him with patience. This is one step towards holiness… And each step towards holiness will make us better people, free from selfishness and free from being closed in on ourselves, and actually open to our brothers and sisters and their needs.”

Christ is Always with Us in our Neighbours

Dorothy Day:

It is no use saying that we are born two thousand years too late to give room to Christ. Nor will those who live at the end of the world have been born too late. Christ is always with us, always asking for room in our hearts. Yet now it is with the voice of our contemporaries that he speaks, with the eyes of store clerks, factory workers, and children that he gazes; with the hands of office workers, slum dwellers, and suburban housewives that he gives. It is with the feet of soldiers and tramps that he walks, and with the heart of anyone in need that he longs for shelter. And giving shelter or food to anyone who asks for it, or needs it, is giving it to Christ.

Proclaim the Gospel from the Rooftops

Charles de Foucauld wrote,

I should carry on in myself the life of Jesus: think his thoughts, repeat his words, his actions. May it be he that lives in me. I must be the image of Our Lord in his hidden life: I must proclaim, by my life, the Gospel from the rooftops.

This is Christianity at its most basic: the Most Holy Trinity and the Humanity of Jesus, the greatest central truths of the Christian revelation, in action in the life of a friend of God who became human and who, in his hidden life in Nazareth and in all his subsequent actions, proclaimed the Gospel who is Jesus himself.

Charles de Foucauld calls us to say, “Christ is living in me (contemplating his own reality and Love). My actions must flow from this truth.”