This Certainty

VanAlways I have this certainty: God is the solid rock, the fundament of my hope.
Little Brother Marcel Văn CSsR (1928–1959)


Through Weakness, to Confidence

When you are prevented from labouring for God’s glory, either by reason of bodily infirmity or from some other cause which shows forth his divine pleasure, be not grieved. Instead, cast yourself with confidence into the arms of the One who knows what is most to your advantage and who draws you in in proportion to your own abandonment.
Saint Vincent Ferrer

Calvary and Tabor

[The theologian] Richard of Saint Victor says: “I receive Christ not alone on the Cross, but also in His Transfiguration on Mount Tabor…” That is to say, in all our distresses, in all our painful inward destitution, we may boldly believe that Christ is present with us.
Johannes Tauler OP (1300–1361)

Trusting All Things to God

Where can a man warm himself better than by the fire? So it is in God. Man must bring all that concerns him to God, and leave all with Him. God will provide for him in the best of ways. He must trust all things to God; and, in that trust, he must be ready to accept all things, as for the best, and rest in the divine peace.
Johannes Tauler OP (1300–1361)

Intimacy and Greater Confidence

Prayer directed to God… makes us enter into intimacy with him; when we adore him in spirit and truth, our spirit is raised up to him and enters into a colloquy of spiritual affection with him. In praying thus, this affectionate intimacy prepares a way to return to prayer with even greater confidence.
Saint Thomas Aquinas