I End at the Foot of the Cross

Mural at the Chapel of Father Ray at the Redemptorist Center in Pattaya, Thailand

Now is not the time to write, rather to weep. Jesus is dead to give us life. All creatures are mourning. The sun is darkened. The earth quakes. The rocks are rent. The veil of the temple is torn. Only my heart remains harder than flint. I will say no more. Join the poor mother of the dead Jesus as her companion. Ask the dear Magdalene and John where their hearts are. Let the sea of their pains flood within you. I end at the foot of the Cross.
Saint Paul of the Cross


Henceforth Lifted Up

At the shrine of Mary Annai Velangkanni in Medan, Indonesia

The Cross on which the Saviour of the world bled has been henceforth lifted up, for all time to come, as a radiant star capable of purifying from all crime and capable of illuminating all despairs.
Charles Cardinal Journet (18911975)

Gifts in This World

At Our Lady of Perpetual Help Minor Seminary in Sriracha, Thailand

All kinds of sorrow, insults, and persecutions, even to death on the Cross: this is what You gave the One whom You loved above all others. As long as we are in this world, these are Your gifts. You proportion them according to Your love for us. You give more to those You love more, less to those You love less. You also give according to the courage You find in each of us and according to our love for You, for if we love You much, we shall be able to suffer much for You, but if we love You only a little, we will suffer little.
Saint Teresa of Jesus