This Is My Only Treasure

Saint ThérèseWhat pleases Jesus is to see me love my littleness and poverty, the blind hope that I have in his mercy. This is my only treasure.
Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face


Dawn of the New Redemption and Eternal Happiness

At St Clement Hofbauer Chapel in Pattaya, Thailand

You, who are so great and rich, have made Yourself little and poor for us! You chose to be born far from home, in a stable, to be wrapped in swaddling clothes, to be nourished at Your Virgin Mother’s breast, to be laid in a manger between an ox and an ass. Today is the dawn of the new redemption, of the old restoration, of eternal happiness. Today the heavens have distilled honey throughout the whole world. Then, O my soul, kiss this divine manger, press your lips to the Infant’s feet and embrace them. Meditate on the shepherds watching their clocks, contemplate the angelic hosts, prepare to join the heavenly melody, singing with your lips and with your heart: ‘Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to men of good will.’
Saint Bonaventure



The convictions acquired in prayer are the only ones that do not collapse. The reason is, as Charles de Foucauld tells us, this: to pray is to think of God and to love him. In the light of the Truth, in the fire of Love, decisions become realities. But that only if the recourse to God is continual. If not, you will find yourself again in the dark. One day passed all the time in continual prayer is like a day surrounded by illuminated fog. The soul expands in prayer. To be small before God: that is prayer.
Tomás Morales Pérez SJ (19081994)

Little Cactus


Little cactus sitting still
Waiting for a watering
Never have you known He will
Rain on you again

But it really is not rain
For the Master chooses it
Chooses when to turn the main
Drench you to the brim

So this dryness is from Him
You accept it and you wait
But it hurts for light is dim
No water at night

Long since flowers grew on you
Long since you could give them Him
Nothing blooms and nothing’s new
But the choice is His