Be Steadfast

Be steadfast, and never rest content until you have obtained the now of eternity as your present possession in this life, so far as this is possible to human infirmity.
Blessed Henry Suso (1300–1366)


The Harvest of the Corn

All the consolations which God ever gave should be gladly given up [if it comes to it], if it be to His glory. This is the harvest of the corn… on which we shall live eternally, and which make us rich in God. Thus the virtues are made perfect, and sorrow is turned to eternal wine. By such men, and by their lives and their patience, all those who know them and all their neighbours are taught and changed for the better. And so the corn of their virtues is sown and multiplied for the benefit of all good men.
Blessed Jan van Ruusbroec (1293–1381)

The Little One Can

He who does the little he can, does much before God. It is not difficult to persevere in prayer when we find consolation in it, but there is great merit in doing so when sensible devotion is reduced to a minimum. Yet it is precisely then that prayer becomes more meritorious and humility is increased, as well as patience and perseverance.
Saint Peter of Alcantara

Two Pieces of Wood in an Inverted V

When two pieces of wood are placed together in the shape of an inverted V, if each supports the other, both will stand; but if they do not, both fall to the ground. As this matter is one of such great consequence, try to look upon the defects of your companions as a kind of special medicine and a cross prepared for you by God. There are many people who willingly practice penances which they have chosen for themselves, but who refuse to put up with their neighbours’ faults, though that is the penance which God has chosen for them to bear.
Saint Robert Bellarmine