Without Which We Have Nothing to Say

morales2Prayer: this intimate dialogue with God in the desert of interior silence, in the absence of temporal tasks, this dialogue without which we have nothing to say to the world.
Tomás Morales Pérez SJ (19081994)


Intimacy and Greater Confidence

Prayer directed to God… makes us enter into intimacy with him; when we adore him in spirit and truth, our spirit is raised up to him and enters into a colloquy of spiritual affection with him. In praying thus, this affectionate intimacy prepares a way to return to prayer with even greater confidence.
Saint Thomas Aquinas

A Noble Supplication

Pier-Giorgio-smilePrayer is the noble supplication which we lift up to the throne of God. It is the most efficient means to obtain from God the graces which we need, and especially the strength of persevering in these times, in which the hatred of the sons of the devil is breaking out violently against the sheep who are faithful to the fold.
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati (19011925)

To Pray Is…

Father VoillaumeTo pray is, at the least, to look towards God; to pray is to think of God, to speak to God, or to entreat God – whether it be with spoken words or with ideas or mental images or, more simply, with the infinitely deeper but obscure regard of contemplation. When there is none of this, one cannot say that prayer exists, in the proper sense of the word.
René Voillaume (1905–2003)