Supreme Test of Love

voillaume_4There are times in life when a man’s whole bulwark of virtues seems to crumble, as if all the powers of the will sustaining it had given out. When this happens you will find yoruself confronted with the supreme test of love, for you will have gone so far as your possibilities will have allowed you to go, and in your soul, now stripped naked before God, there will be no alternative to opening up your weakness to lvoe of another’s making – love of the making of the heart of Jesus – and becoming but his instrument, abandoned to him at last in faith.
René Voillaume (1905–2003)


The Cross the Key to Suffering Gladly but Not All At Once

Stations of the Cross: Our Lady of Lourdes, Bangsaen, Thailand

Obviously, you are not expected to set out fully prepared and knowing to perfection how to take suffering. No one can know this until he has been aught by our Lord himself, sometimes through the experience of an entire lifetime… We must simply have clearly understood the meaning of the Cross in our life, and have generously and gladly consented to let Jesus take us into his work with him. We must be ready, in our souls, to accept suffering and to learn to comprehend its significance and to come little by little to love it.
René Voillaume (1905–2003)

To Pray Is…

Father VoillaumeTo pray is, at the least, to look towards God; to pray is to think of God, to speak to God, or to entreat God – whether it be with spoken words or with ideas or mental images or, more simply, with the infinitely deeper but obscure regard of contemplation. When there is none of this, one cannot say that prayer exists, in the proper sense of the word.
René Voillaume (1905–2003)